Wednesday, September 5, 2018

as of late....

I've been creating a lot of art this summer! I've also been creating quick videos to show you BTS into the process of my art journal pages.  You can view some here , here, and here.

Here are some of the journal pages I've created. Below is acrylic paint, pastels, collage in an 8x8 Dylusions journal.

This is a mini art journal spread. (TN cut in half). Acrylic paint and collage.

The below 11x14", fluid paintings are acrylic high flow on canvas. They have a protective gloss varnish and are for sale. I think all 3 of them look beautiful together! They are only $35/each. Or $75 for the triptych.  Please contact me for inquiries.

Here are a couple more journal spreads in my 8x8 Dylusions journal.  

 I've started a wood panel series with oil paints and cold wax medium. I've been wanting to learn these mediums and couldn't believe it when one of my fave artists/teachers, Jeanne Oliver, teaches us this very thing on last week's lesson in Wanderlust! I was so thrilled!
Here are my 8x8 wood panels with a layer of Venetian Plaster and starting to lay down the oil base color in blush.

2nd layers involved some white and titanium buff. Then, I pulled bits of those layers back to let my base color peek through. I also added some Indian Red pigment powder for some more design and texture. 


There are a few more layers to go! I will share them over the next coming weeks. I need at least 2 days between layers for it to firm up/dry before adding more on top. Oil paints alone take weeks to dry. But, adding cold wax medium shortens the drying time; as well as adding a beautiful buttery texture and leaving a matte finish.  

With every layer, I lay down my leftover paint on oil paper (below).  Hoping this turns into a fun little piece to frame later.

During the downtime of drying, I've been working on my Concertina Sketchbook. Paris is the theme for the first 10 pages. I am using my Paris photos as inspiration. This is still a work in progress. I want to fill it with more fun sketches and shapes from Paris. I learned to do this from another one of my fave artists, Karen Stamper and her online Concertina Sketchbook course.

Lastly, I've got just a few more pages to finish of my 8.5x11" Storyline Europe Album. Here are a few sneak peeks. 

background above is a frottage technique I did on our very beautiful French hotel walls. 

I'll end this very arty blog post with some adorableness!! Our 2 rescue Golden Retrievers (7yr and 3yr old) have never seen a river, lake, pool, etc. (only the small rock pond at the dog park). My man and I like to be outdoors and so we thought it was a good time to 'test the waters'. (pun intended). We took them on their very first 5-hr float trip on the Huzzah River. 
They did so well! They did try to jump ship a couple of times at the beginning! But, not too long after... they trusted the raft. They also enjoyed playing and exploring on the shore, as well as swimming and fetching the tennis ball! 
By the last leg of the float trip, they were snuggled up together, napping in the sunshine. 
So proud of my girls!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Paris Day 5

The adventure starts here.

I wanted to do some major shopping while in Paris, but Champs-Elysees was a little too rich for my blood. So, Harrison found the perfect place:: Rue du Commerce! This street was full of affordable boutiques, bakeries and restaurants!

I shopped til I dropped! I scored my friends and family lots of goodies. I also picked up a beautiful mustard yellow leather purse. We had lunch and dessert here, as well! It was a great day!

For our last evening in Paris, Harrison bought us dinner and a show at Moulin Rouge. 
That was the most incredible show I've ever seen! The solo acts between sets were amazing, too! My favorite was a roller-skating couple that did amazing acrobatics on a small, circular, wooden platform. 
We met a nice couple from New Zealand that were sitting beside us. Her and I were gasping and oohing and awwwing at the show! We had such a blast! 

And that concludes our whirlwind, amazing, awe-inspiring trip! I miss Europe so much! I loved it there and can't wait to go back! I would definitely live in London! 
I would need to learn French to live in Paris. But, a girl can dream.... 

Paris Day 4

The adventure begins here.

On our 4th day (1st full day in Paris), we walked down to the Eiffel Tower and took a riverboat cruise on the River Siene.

After that, we got on a Big Bus and toured all around Paris. 


Very ancient Egyptian Monolith. 

We jumped off to tour the Louvre. We saw the Mona Lisa, Greek sculptures and a lot of Delacroix art. 

We also had lunch at the Louvre, on the balcony overlooking the pyramid. 

Then, we hopped back on the Big Bus and started to head back to the hotel. The Arc de Triomphe is very close to our hotel. So, we got off there and took photos. Then walked to the hotel to start getting ready for an evening out! 

That evening we had dinner on Avenue des Champs-Elysees and then found a pub where we had drinks and met some fun people! 

~~ to be continued~~~