Thursday, November 30, 2017

Cheers to Jeanne Oliver!

 Artsy friends, I'd like to share Jeanne Oliver's new creative network right here. With her first blog post about it here. She talks about how long the road was and the hard work it took to get there, but they made it! I am so happy for her! She is one of my favorite, most inspiring artist-role models! 

One of my favorite classes of hers is Wild Awakening. This class was such a soul-pushing, limit-busting, expression-finding workshop! If you ever have the chance to take this class; you will not be sorry! Here is the 8-piece set I am working on during this class. These are about halfway done. There are many more layers to go! 
And this class has so many different processes you learn that can all build onto each other to make a series like this, one big piece, or even art journal pages. The sky is the limit once you learn these fun techniques! 

I had never played with charcoal or soluble pastels. Seriously, this class really stretched me creatively, with new mediums and techniques! 

Layers of coffee stains, charcoal and pastels... so far. Going to add some light blue and other contrasting colors and mediums before it's all said and done! 

Well, I hope you all will leave me some love below or tell me what class you've taken over at Jeanne's!   Also, go check out her new site and get entered into a fantastic giveaway! 


Monday, October 30, 2017

California Travel Journal

Harrison and I spent a week in California at the beginning of this month. We had such a wonderful time with his parents in Tahoe, with his brother and sister-in-law in Napa and just he and I in San Francisco! I created a travel journal documenting our trip. It was the first time I created in this style and I absolutely loved it! I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

long time, no bloggy...

I know, I know... I've been a bad blogger! BAD BLOGGER! (smacks hand). But, does it help to know that my man and I moved into our new home and we've been busy decorating, settling in and closing down our previous apartments?
It does? Well then, WHEW! I'm out of the blogger doghouse and here to bring you fun photos of what we've been up to!

Sayonara, Maplehood. You've been really good to me and I'll miss you! 

I took over West Elm's bed display one Friday afternoon. The employees had fun with me, too, as I created a look to go with our dark walls. This bedspread came home with me that day! 

As mentioned above, we painted our bedroom walls a dark blue. Harrison's style is contemporary, while mine is modern. You will see both our styles throughout the house. We went modern in the bedroom. 

I am currently in love with Tuesday Morning! I found these beautiful pillows there, as well as the big painting below.  Dark blue, teal, white and gold are the main colors in the room. The curtains will be gold velvet from West Elm. We got gold mercury glass lamps from Ashley. 
The painting will go on a side wall. And on the other wall will be a gold frame collage that I still have yet to create. 

We picked up a new rug, sectional and coffee table at Ashley. You can see that we still need to get wall decor hung. (slow process)

I did find my "shaggy" throw I'd been wanting for only $20 at Tuesday Morning!
Love the rustic, somewhat-southwest vibe our family room has. 

What kitchen would be complete without a tabletop wine cooler!?

Since the move, I needed to find a new gym. I joined 9Round! 30 minutes of intense kickboxing training and exercise! I love it so far! 
Speaking of health... I started keto this past Sunday. 
I made this dish last night and it was soooo good! Even the man loved it! Chili-paste marinated pork chops, homemade garlic butter (gotta get that fat intake UP) and avocado/scallion sauteed green beans. This is by far one of the best meals I've ever cooked! 

Even though I haven't gotten a chance to paint in a while, I HAVE still been creative! Amy and I did an all day crop a couple of weeks ago. I started my CA mini album. Can you tell I'm in love with gold right now? haha

She is coming over this weekend so we can hang out in my studio and get creative! I hope to get more done on this cute little album. 

So, that's what I've been up to! What about you?

Friday, January 13, 2017

the one about CA....

oh my gosh, where do I begin? I had an amazing Christmas! Harrison took his 3 boys and me to CA for a week. We crammed so much into 6 days! We journeyed from San Fran to San Diego, L.A. and back up Lincoln, CA. The last couple of days we stayed with his parents. His family is absolutely wonderful! I felt right at home there. I can't wait to go back already!

p.s. pretty sure I could be a socal girl. I LOVED the beaches, the warm air, and the laid back vibe. A place that I want to go back and adventure more in is Laguna. It seemed like such an artistic community. Their beach and La Jolla beach were my faves!

We all took so many photos! Here are the highlights of the trip! (you can view a lot more over on my IG account)

When we landed in San Fran, we headed straight downtown to have lunch with H's parents.
Delicious crab ravioli at Fog Harbor down on Fisherman's Warf: San Fran.

Then, we headed to a few iconic spots for some sight seeing. Above is Lombard Street. 8 hairpin turns on this famous road. 

Golden Gate Bridge

Christmas dinner with H's whole family at Cooking Papa: Mountain View, CA

The next day we headed south towards San Diego. What should have taken around 8 hours took 11 due to 2 big accidents. We were in the car for a long time. 

Excited to try In-N-Out Burgers, but not excited about the line/wait! 

We finally make it to our first destination in SoCal! Our balcony view at Torrey Pines Resort: La Jolla

the next morning, we decide to take some funny selfies before heading out on another adventurous day!

I have a thing for palm trees. 


Lots of surfers at La Jolla Beach. It was beautiful weather!

That evening we headed to dinner with a few of Harrison's friends. They are from STL, but live in CA now. Tutto Fresco was a nice little Italian spot in Rancho Santa Margarita.
We stayed the night with them and had lots of laughs, many stories shared and the wine flowed. 

Laguna Beach

Riding the PCH the following day.

Venice Beach was... interesting... Definitely not my fave beach; but it was cool to see it as it's been in many movies. Laguna and La Jolla are my fave beaches of the ones we visited. 

Sunset Blvd and Hollywood Walk of Fame was up next!

Then back towards San Fran. Stayed with H's parents the last 2 days of our trip in Lincoln, CA. 

The view from their back patio. 
Good food, Chinese rice wine, and Rummikub was in store for us. I had such a great time!

Our last day, we drove over Bay Bridge and got some dessert at Ghiradelli Square. YUM!

I sure didn't want to leave! But, all good things must come to an end. Until next time, CA! 
See ya on the flip side!